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Data-driven solutions have taken the driver’s seat in leading companies. In fact, it is the vehicle with which companies structure their marketing efforts, and client management strategies. Our comprehensive data analytics, reporting and innovative approaches allow us to offer our clients world-class service.  


Our various lead generation campaigns and strategies comprise mainly of SMS, email, AVM, social media, online and call centre campaigns. We  provide Hot Leads (consumers who have expressed interest in a product or service), as well Verified Leads (consumers we have contacted to establish if they meet your criteria).


We offer communications solutions for any entity regardless of size and location. The content, broadcasting and channel of your marketing message is crucial in how it will be perceived by your target market. Directline Holdings has many years’ experience and data in communication trends, and current engagement trends that allow us to create strategies specifically with your client in mind.  


The accumulation of data and historical facts mean nothing if it is not interpreted to its full potential. Our data analysts interpret personal information data, spending behaviour and other online data to structure the most effective approaches. This allows us to create relevant content to be distributed via the most appropriate channels.

mobile platforms

It would be disadvantageous to ignore the growth of internet usage in South Africa, which currently stands at 26.84 million active internet connections. We develop responsive websites to allow your clients to view your online media using any device, anywhere in the world. Seamlessly integrate online platforms for an enhanced experience.


Marketing, and all the components it comprises of, is essential your brand’s voice when you are not physically there. Our comprehensive marketing strategies, ranging from web design through to ongoing campaigns, aim to elevate your brand, increase sales and cultivate consumer loyalty.


The ultimate goal of any product or service provider is to sell. We utilise a number of direct and online avenues to achieve this. Consumers demand simplicity and value, and although trends are moving farther away from the ‘human element’, it is still a crucial part in the sales process. We offer call centre services that include customer service, verification and sales functions.   


Our comprehensive, full turnkey marketing strategies are modelled to ensure maximum exposure through our direct channels, increased brand awareness and holistic consumer profiling to sustainably grow profit margins. We do all the leg work, whilst you watch your brand reach new dimensions.


Locate your clients and receive the accurate contact details with Directline Trace. We provide tracing and collection services through desktop, online and physical tracing, and the use of our in-house call centre

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Directline Communications takes care of all your communication needs through SMS, Email, AVM, online, in-call advertising, Please-Call-Me advertising, short code and USSD code campaigns. 

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Directline Data offers comprehensive data services that includes data enhancement, analytics, lead generation, credit data, Know Your Client analysis, data hosting and management.

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Our digital arm, Directline Digital, offers web development, hosting, graphics, social media management, App development, paid advertising management and brand development.

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Directline Legal provides comprehensive legal services including corporate disputes, legal insurance, collections and tracing services and all other legal matters.

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